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Client:CIFI Group

Location:ChengDu, Shichuan Province | China

Type : Commercial

Site Area:5 Hectares

Status:Completed ( 2021 December )

Awards:2023 International Property Awards

                         Award Winner in Landscape Architecture

                         Sichuan Province, China

                2022 World Landscape Award (WLA)

                         Merit Award in Built Small Design Catagory

                2022 The Outstanding Property Award London (OPAL)

                         Platinum Award

                2022 World Landscape Award (WLA)

                         Merit Award 

CIFI Plaza is located on the north side of Nibatuo Forest Park in Xindu District in Chengdu and is adjacent to the Sichuan Conservatory of music. With a total land area of 45,000 square meters, this plaza is developed with the design intent of bringing the nature of the forest park into the multi-layered architecture and playing beautiful music literally and metaphorically in landscape spaces. A unique retail experience is therefore created.

The elements of nature and music are transformed and molded into the entire site, including interior and exterior space. These elements unify the design language of architecture, interior, and landscape and are infused into various areas. With this well-rounded design, CIFI Plaza provides a rich experience for shopping and lifestyle for fashionistas, residents in nearby neighborhoods, families, students, and children.

The detail introduction of the project could be found in


World Landscape Architect

Outstanding Property Award London

Landezine International Landscape award

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