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Melchor V. Jimenez

Senior Landscape Designer |

3D Graphic Artist

資深景觀設計師 | 3D 立體繪圖師

BSc Arch

Melchor started working in 2006 at Palafox Associates in Makati, Philippines. He joined the team of master and urban planning team as a design assistant, involves in making concept design planning and hand sketches from residential to mixed use commercial projects, landscape design and joining some international design competition locally and abroad led by senior architects in the company. 

He’s especially skills in concept visualization. In 2008, he joined VHS Philippines LTD., a landscape firm in the Philippines and stepped up making it to the main office in Hong Kong, Belt Collins International LTD., as a Project Designer. Melchor had worked for VHS and Belt Collins for about 10 years combined experience and had been responsible for concept design, perspectives and adding up skills in hand sketches and 3D design rendering and animations. Most of the projects involvements are in Mainland China.

He joins Platform as a Landscape Designer in 2018.


Melchor於2006年開始在菲律賓Palafox Associates工作。他加入了總體規劃和城市規劃的團隊,並擔任設計助理,負責從住宅到混合商業項目的概念設計規劃和手繪草圖、景觀設計以及參加國內外高級建築師領銜的設計競賽。

Melchor特別擅長於把概念可視化。2008年,他加入了菲律賓VHS公司。這是一家位於菲律賓的景觀公司。之後他被升職到香港貝爾高林景觀設計有限公司,成為項目設計師。 Melchor曾為VHS 和貝爾高林工作約10年,並負責概念設計、視角、手工草圖、3D設計渲染和動畫技能。大部分項目位於中國大陸。


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