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Yuan Hsiang Chung 鍾元祥

Director, Landscape Design



Mr. Chung possesses 13 years of landscape design experience, with architectural design, landscape design, architectural and cultural heritage of academic training and cultural knowledge. In the field of urban, architectural, landscape and cultural design, he has a solid project experience and performance results.

After joining Platform in 2017, Mr. Chung has been responsible for the company expansion in several major projects, including Qianhai Times Square in Guangzhou Metro, Hangzhou Vanke Hangxing Road Project, Beijing Jingdong Enterprise Headquarters and so on.

Prior to 2016, the indicated project that was implemented and had been designed and executed in the urban design located at the most important western gateway city in Taipei, providing professional consultants and planning for the maintenance of landscape and cultural heritage monuments. For the Far East T-PARK Information Park project, Mr. Chung was involved in the urban planning, urban design, also landscape design implementation, combined with storm water management, eco-physical design, public works and the consultation on the important integration and implementation. Regarding to the cultural heritage profession, Mr. Chung had done a study on Taiwan's freshwater rivers and settlements pattern, in particular in the world's only hot spring in Taiwan Peitou, and in the AECOM tourism sector implementation of high-end hotel landscape design projects.



在2017年加入 Platform 後,鍾元祥已在公司的數個主要項目中負責擴初細部深化,當中包括廣州地鐵前海時代廣場﹑杭州萬科杭行道項目﹑北京京東企業總部等等。


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