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Alan A. Andico

Director, Landscape & Urban Design


BSc Arch, RA(Phils.) UAP    

An Architect by profession, Alan has had 16 years of experience in the design industry. Initially and logically beginning with architecture and working at his Alma Mater, the University of the Philippines, Alan has diversified his experience by working in the Interior Design field with Periquet-Galicia, Inc., a notable Philippine Interior Design firm led by Christina Periquet, a graduate of Pratt Institute in New York. On the side of architecture, his exposure covers working stints with Espina-Perez Espina & Associates, a firm headed by present and past Deans of the UP College of Architecture, Dominic Galicia Architects, founded by Notre Dame alumni, Dominic Galicia and as an independent project consultant during a two-year period as a partner in Andico + Yonzon.

Equipped with skills as an architect and interior designer, his capabilities were further spread with his joining the AECOM Planning, Design & Development Team in Manila as a Landscape Designer. Being part of the pioneering AECOM Philippines landscape team in 2010, his experience was further diversified to include Landscape Design and involvement in Master Planning and Urban Design. With extensive involvement and progression within the seven years he spent with AECOM, Alan developed into a key member of the team and parted ways with AECOM as an Associate Director and the Studio Operations Manager of the Philippine Team.

After joining Platform in 2017, Alan has been involved in the conceptual, schematic and detail design of several of the company's major projects, including Hangzhou Vanke Hang Shing Road TOD, Hangzhou Hyatt (Phase II) Landscape Renovation, Shenzhen Qianhai TOD (Parcel 5), and the Shenzhen Vanke Nanshing Sport Community. 


Alan擁有16年的建築專業設計經驗。自大學畢業後,在母校菲律賓大學工作,之後進入由 Christina Periquet 領導的著名菲律賓室內設計公司 Periquet-Galicia 從事室內設計工作。於紐約普拉特研究所畢業後,Alan開展了建築設計專業,並於 Espina-Perez Espina & Associates 工作,該公司由現任至今的UP建築學院院長 Dominic Galicia 領導,由 Notre Dame 畢業生和 Dominic Galicia創立。它是一家獨立項目諮詢公司,與 Andico+Yonzon 有兩年的合作經驗。

Alan 具備了建築師和室內設計師的技能與多樣化的項目經驗。在馬尼拉的 AECOM 規劃設計與開發團隊中,Alan 的景觀設計經驗得到進一步的擴展。作為 2010 年馬尼拉新創景觀團隊的一部分,Alan的經驗更加多元化,包括景觀設計﹑總體規劃和城市設計。在 AECOM 的七年間, Alan一直是眾多項目的關鍵領導和成員,更成為菲律賓團隊的副總監和營運經理。

在2017年中加入原象 ( Platform ) 後, Alan 已在公司的數個主要項目中負責方案規劃、概念設計和設計深化。項目包括杭行路地鐵上蓋、杭州凱悅酒店 ( 二期 ) 景觀改造、深圳前海地鐵上蓋 ( 5號地塊 ) 以及沙井上星項目。


Awards 獎項


Philippine Property Awards 2017

Best Office Architecture Design –   Highly Recommended

Best BPO Office Development – Winner

Filinvest City

Asia Pacific Property Awards 2016

Best Mixed-Use Development, Philippines – Winner

ORE Central

Philippine Property Awards 2016

Best Office Architecture Design – Winner

Best Office Development – Winner

Philippine Property Awards 2015

Best Green Development – Winner

Philippine Property Awards 2015

Best Office Development – Highly Recommended

South East Asia Property Awards 2015

Best Green Development – Highly Recommended

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

Philippine Property Awards 2013

Best Hotel Architectural Design – Highly Recommended

St. Alphonsus Mary de Ligouri Parish

Architecture Design Competition Winner

Dominic Galicia Architects Team

Nielsen’s at the Peninsula Manila

Interior Design Competition Winner

Periquet-Galicia, Inc. Team

Architecture Scale Modelling Award 2001

University of the Philippines

Recreational Outdoor Exchange(ROX)

Get Out Photography Competition 2016 Winner

Viva Pit Senor Sinulog Festival 2011

TravelBook. PH

Botanika Nature Residences

Philippine Property Awards 2015

Best Luxury Apartment Development – Winner

Philippine Property Awards 2014

Best Luxury Apartment Development – Highly Recommended



2017菲律賓物業大獎 最佳辦公室景觀設計 入圍

2017 菲律賓物業大獎 最佳 BPO 辦公開發獎

Filinvest City

2016 亞太物業大獎 最佳混合使用開始項目獎 ORE Central

2016 菲律賓物業大獎 最佳景觀建築設計獎

2016 菲律賓物業大獎 最佳辦公開發獎

2015 菲律賓物業大獎 最佳綠色發展獎

2015 菲律賓物業大獎 最佳辦公開發 入圍

2015 東南亞物業大獎 最佳綠色發展 入圍

Botanika Nature Residences

2015 菲律賓物業大獎 最佳豪華公寓發展獎

2014 菲律賓物業大獎 最佳豪華公寓發展 入圍

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

2013 菲律賓物業大獎 最佳酒店建築設計 入圍

Arya Residences

2013 菲律賓物業大獎 最佳豪華公寓發展獎

2013亞太物業大獎 最佳住宅公寓發展獎

2012 亞太物業大獎 最佳住宅開發獎

Get Out攝影比賽

休閒戶外交流 ( ROX ) 2016獲勝

Dominic Galicia建築師團隊

Nielsen’s at the Peninsula Manila

室內設計大賽 首獎

Periquet - Galicia, Inc. 團隊

Architecture Scale Modelling Award 2001


Viva Pit Senor Sinulog Festival 2011

旅行手冊. PH

St. Alphonsus Mary de Ligouri Parish

建築設計競賽 獲勝

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